About Company


Why We are Different

USJ Paper Recyclers Sdn Bhd has been established in harvest and providing a supply of raw material to recycling companies in Malaysia for more than 20 years. The recyclables harvested ranges from paper, carton boxes, plastic, glass and metal from waste streams, diverting as much reusable waste from the landfills into recycling channels as possible.

Equally important, we provide destruction solutions to organizations, government agencies and corporate entitles who wish to responsibly dispose data devices while simultaneously maintaining high levels of data security.

USJ Paper Recyclers Sdn Bhd is an alternative for all reusable waste, with a capacity of 3-acres of storage area, and ready to be dispersed as important raw materials to recycling plants in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us

Unlike some other providers, we’re completely upfront about our service and its costs. We’re proud that our prices for commercial waste and recycling services are “what you see is what you get”.

We help our clients to meet the challenges of increasing regulatory drivers, recycling targets and rising disposal costs through devising more effective and sustainable waste management solution. Our extensive experience of waste policy and regulation enable us to secure necessary permits and consents for waste recovery and disposal facilities, together with our advice and solutions allow our clients to reduce the business cost of managing and disposing of waste.


Our mission is to continuously strive to find innovative and responsible ways of reducing and reusing water away from landfills and generating a greener earth.


Our vision is to be the major collection and distribution centre in Info/oysio and to have a continuous source to meet the recycling industry needs.